Baroque pearl and sterling silver bracelet (preloved)

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Stunning heavy baroque pearl and 925 sterling silver bracelet. This is an absolutely stunning piece of jewellery. The elongated pearl is called a 'keshi' pearl. It has a particularly good lustre and is made up entirely of nacre.

Pearls usually form around a central 'seed' (a bit of grit or sand). The keshi pearl is different. The mollusc rejects the 'seed' but goes on to produce elongated layers of nacre.

The bracelet is set in sterling silver. It is marked 925 but has no other marking. It is well made and most likely foreign, possibly from the far east. It is a wonderful statement piece that is very special, an ideal gift. 

Pearls are symbols of wisdom (so a great graduation present). It is also the 30th anniversary gem and the birthstone for June. 

Supplied in a silver grey box

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This item is preloved. 

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