Vintage Welsh tapestry blanket, raspberry, black, white and lemon.

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This striking,large,mid century Welsh tapestry (double weave) blanket has a stunning pattern on both sides - reversible with a mainly black background to the pattern on one side whilst the other side has more berry shades. Has 'Real Welsh' 100% wool label.

Impressively sized at  227cm (approx 7 foot 5.5) by 196cm (6 foot 5 inc fringes - fringes approx 10cm each end)

There are some small areas of wear on the darker side - these seem to be mainly confined to the areas of white yarn. There are several small darns that have been done in matching white but in a differently textured thread. Having said that, the other side of the blanket appears to be in excellent condition, the blanket stitch is intact and the fringes are in excellent condition throughout. We do not feel that the imperfections on the darker side detract too much from what is overall a good condition vintage blanket. The very large size, good colour retention, good fringing and detailed patterning more than make up for the minor flaws. 

This blanket would be great on a king sized bed, on a double the fringes would hang right down, It would also be great on a large settee or even as a spectacular wall covering (we could even hand forge you a pole and hooks for an additional price).

Hand laundered by us.

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