Meet the makers

Aaron Petersen (Ferric Fusion hand forged ironwork)

Aaron Petersen of Ferric Fusion hand forges steel and iron to produce contemporary and traditional works that range from small scale domestic items through to larger, one off, sculptural pieces. His work is exhibited and sold in galleries and shops across the UK. He was shortlisted for the inaugural UK Craft Skills Awards in 2013 and chosen as one of Bo Concept's 'Ones to Watch' for 2014. His work has featured in a number of National newspapers and magazines as well as film an

With a background training in fine art (BSc Hons), Aaron comes from a family of four blacksmiths and has been shaping metal by hand ever since he could pick up a hammer. He was, for several years, the blacksmith in residence at the Museum of Welsh Life in Cardiff​ (St Fagins). He was also an art lecturer within further education. Aaron's work is influenced by nature and the surroundings of his West Wales home. 

Aaron also runs our blacksmithing courses.

Trudy Ebsworth Espie (Ebsworth Pots)

Trudy Ebsworth Espie is a West Wales based potter with over 20 years experience. She has produced domestic and commercial ceramics in both the UK and Australia. Known for her simple yet stylish work she also produces the well known 'Dylan' mug which is a replica of the mug in Dylan Thomas Boathouse in Laugharne. Trudy hand throws all her pots with the precision developed from many years at the wheel. The majority of her pieces are stoneware or porcelain which is fired at high temperature. Her work is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

David Robinson wood products

David Robinson and his wife Jinsy run an organic farm in Carmarthenshire. David cuts and dries the wood himself (it comes from the farm) before turning it into our best selling food boards and traditional 3 legged stools. All the wood is sealed and finished with organic sunflower oil. 

David's products are not suitable for the dishwasher. Do not soak in water - a wipe over and the occasional re-dress with a good quality oil is all that is needed. Make sure you use a food safe oil for the boards (sunflower or vegetable oil)

You can read more about their farm and link to Jinsy's blog here

Billy Adams ceramics

Billy Adams is an Irish born ceramic artist. He works mainly within the vessel form, drawing influence from the landscapes of his birth and Wales. He works with layers of different clays, building each work by hand.

Billy's work is collected and has been exhibited internationally in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has featured in several professional journals and he has pieces sited within a number of museums in the UK. He has previously represented Ireland at the International Pottery Festival.

Miss Moriarty

Miss MoriArty is utterly unique - post punk, fifties living, slightly gothic, scooter riding, literature lover, film fanzine collector and multi talented creator. Her original degree was in ceramics but her repertoire has grown over the years to include textiles. Her trademark crows, pirates, mermaids, witches and cats are hand painted and stitched with wonderful attention to detail - each one is individual. Her textiles often start life as reclaimed unbleached cottons which she stains and layers to achieve a characterful worn appearance. MissMoriAry collectors eagerly await each new batch. Because her work is so painstaking and detailed it can take some time before new works are completed - we advise you to buy when you can to avoid disappointment.

Judy Roberts

Judy Roberts is a knitwear designed based in Carmarthenshire. Her original designs use natural fibres and often incorporate decorative elements such as tiny beads  which add a subtle touch of glamour. Judy also spins her own wool from her own llamas. 

Dorian Spencer Davies

Dorian Spencer Davies is one of West Wales best loved painters. His cheerful and colourful local scenes grace the walls of many a visitor to the area. Dorian trained in the art college in Carmarthenshire before leaving for London where he worked as an illustrator for Dorling Kindersley Books, eventually returning to Wales and a career as a full time artist. As well as his better known characterful naive works Dorian also produces a beautiful range of semi abstract works reflecting his passion for the coast.

We will be adding more about our makers soon