Balinese wooden carvings representing the myth of Dewi Gadru

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This beautiful and very unusual pair of light wood hand carved sculptures may date from the 1950's, They are carved in a elongated style typical of Balinese sculpture.

They are tall (around 15 inches) and very striking, a real conversation piece that would look equally amazing in both a bohemian style interior and a modernist one. 

They represent the sisters Winata and Gadru from the myth of Dewi Gadru.

The story goes that the sisters were unable to have babies so they went to the priest. The priest gave Gadru 1000 eggs and Winata just 2. Gadru's eggs hatched into serpents, Winata's became mythical birds - one of which became the vehicle for the God Vishnu, the other ate all of Gadru's snakes apart from two. The two remaining snakes went on to become the Nagas of the Underworld and the guardians of the great turtle 'Nawasanga'

We have seen a couple of single versions of these sculptures before although they are not commonplace but have not seen a pair such as this which have clearly been carved to go together. They are quite special and make a unique decorative impact.

They are generally in good vintage condition however one of the pair has a hairline crack to the wood across the bottom. This appears to be quite stable and does not detract from the overall look of the pair (you wouldn't really notice it unless you looked closely). Because of the damage we are offering one of the pair at a reduced price. We would expect a single one to sell at around £90 to £100, We are offering both at £155 including UK P&P.

International shipping may be possible, contact us first for a shipping quote and to see if we are able to send to your locality. 



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