Billy Adams, ceramic vessel - 'Rock A Billy Jug' (art, photography & sculpture)

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'Rock A Billy Jug' - hand built ceramic vessel made by Billy Adams.

Billy Adams is an Irish born, Cardiff based, ceramic artist. He works mainly within the vessel form, drawing influence from the landscapes of his birth and Wales. He works with layers of different clays, building each work by hand.

Billy's work is collected and has been exhibited internationally in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has featured in several professional journals and he has pieces sited within a number of museums in the UK. He has previously represented Ireland at the International Pottery Festival.

this is a unique, large, statement piece which is heavy - please see dimensions 

Dimensions 48cm x 32cm approx

weight 5kg

This item is currently only available for pickup in person from the shop in Carmarthen, West Wales. Please contact us beforehand to ensure we will be available.