Charoite bracelet with crosses. Free UK P&P

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A real conversation starter, Charoite jewellry is very special. It is found only in the vicinity of the Chara River in Siberia and nowhere else in the world, making it a very specific material with limited supply. It was only discovered in the 1940s. The stone entered western gemstone markets in the 1970s.

According to the International Gem Society.

"The only source for this striking gemstone remains the Chara River area in the Murun Massif, Northwest Aldan, Sakha Republic, Russia.

Charoite forms from limestone due to the process of contact metamorphism. Since this is a relatively common geological phenomenon, why its distribution is so limited is unclear. Apparently, the particular limestone and intrusive rocks in this area had unique chemical properties."

This bracelet consists of a series of cross shaped pieces strung on silver wire with a clip fastening. The stone is beautiful - a mix of purples and violets with some green and tan banding.It measures 20cm in length.