Dave Urwin - Towards Humanity, signed by the author

Dave Urwin - Towards Humanity, signed by the author

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This is Dave's first poetry collection. He is a regular at spoken word events across Wales where is poetry is always well received. He has had some of his protest poetry published on the webzine, I Am Not a Silent Poet, haiku published in Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society, and a scattering of poems in other magazines.

Dave's connection with nature (via many years working in agriculture and horticulture) is apparent in his writing yet his work is not limited to that subject,  taking in war, love and  modern society among other themes. 

You may never have read Dave Urwin's poetry before but once you do it sticks with you, he plants words as firmly as he plants the roots of trees. Unsentimental yet insightful, his considerations will resonate with many. 

This collection, published by Pinewood Press is signed by the author.