vintage fringed honeycomb quilt in burgundy, pink & white plaid

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This double sized vintage Welsh honeycomb quilt/waffle blanket comes is a lovely rich burgundy , pink and white plaid. Honeycomb quilts have a unique three dimensional weave that traps air making them incredibly warm and yet quite light.

Popular in the 1950s and 60's this one has no label- this is not uncommon here as many were purchased directly from the mills locally, labels were sewn in for retail sales through shops. It may be Derw as they were one of the most successful local mills and were known to make honeycombs.

This blanket sustained a couple of small tears (probably caught on something whilst being moved) these have been darned with 100% wool - they are visible darns but are close to the un-fringed edge so would not detract too much. This is reflected in the price. The rest of the blanket is in very good condition. The fringes (two sides) are intact throughout. These have not been knotted as some honeycombs were- again this makes us think this was probably bought directly from the mill. (you could knot them yourself if you wanted to). There are one or two unevenly pulled threads - this is usual for honeycomb blankets (you could painstakingly pull them to even them out but we just accept they are part of most vintage honeycombs - it is part of that 3 dimensional weave that produces loosely tensioned threads over time).

This blanket has been hand laundered by us. 

It measures 205cm (approx 6 foot 8) by 170cm (approx 5 foot 7 - excluding fringes, fringes are approx 10cm each side)

A lovely piece of authentic Welsh history that would look great in a bedroom, guest room or as a throw on a settee or chair. 

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