Love cat, textile cat decoration with red heart by Miss MoriArty

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Textile decorative love cats. Prop them up against a wall to stand. With their hand stained red hearts they are a great gift for cool cat lovers. The price is per puss.h

This is not a toy. 

19cm tall 8cm wide approx.

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Miss MoriArty stitches, stains, paints and lino prints plain fabrics to make them look aged and full of character. Her creations are unique and all the designs are her own.

They look cute but these are not toys. They are designed as decorative pieces - do not give them to children to play with.

No two pieces are the same, expect minor variations in design and decoration even where there are several products of a type in stock there will be small differences - this is part of the joy of a Miss MoriArty product


design copywrite (c) Miss MoriArty