Essential oil candle - fleur de lavender - in a hand painted status jar

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Lavender is renowned for it’s soothing properties this essential oil candle has, in addition to lavender, top notes of citrus , middle notes of eucalyptus and a base note of cedar wood with hints of patchouli and sweet almond. This is not an 'old fashioned' lavender fragrance. It is aromatic, contemporary and distinctive.

The candle is presented in a hand painted glass container. This candle has a slightly textured 'bubble' effect. The paint is heat treated and durable. Once the candle has finished wipe any warm wax residue away, remove the metal wick holder (use a little rubbing alcohol to loosen it if necessary) and you have a lovely trinket container or tea light holder. (Do not re--use for food or drink).

Each candle is individually made and painted and designs, whilst we will try and make them as close to each other as possible, will inevitably differ slightly. 

The wax is a specialist professional grade container wax that combines the clean-burning benefits of natural vegetable wax, with the stability and scent throw of mineral wax.  

Each candle comes with a lid and is boxed in a plain kraft box

CLP and candle safety information is included on a hang tag label.with the candle (not illus.)

size 10.16cm x 6.35cm

CLP stands for "Classification, Labelling and Packaging".  Manufacturers of a wide range of products, including scented candles, have to comply with legislation requiring that customers are made aware of any potential allergens that may link with the fragrance. Our CLP is provided by the fragrance house that supplies our oils. See photo for the CLP for this candle.