Vintage Hadrill & Horstmann roller counterbalanced light (adapted)

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This adapted industrial lamp is based around a Hadrill and Horstmann counterbalanced roller frame. It is unusually tall and we believe it may have originally had a stand or trolley with wheels. We have added a stainless steel and cast metal base and a reclaimed aluminium shade that are in keeping with the overall aesthetic. Rewired with a long length quality fabric covered flex. Assessed and Pat tested by a qualified electrician.

Hadrill and Horstmann are one of the most sought after British mid century light manufacturers. With it's elegant silhouette and roller mechanism it combines great looks with practical utility. A very flexible light that is easy to angle and would fit very well into a range of interiors including mid century modern, industrial and modern. Larger trolley base lamps (which is what we believe this started life as) are among the rarer Hadrill and Horstmann lamps.

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