Vintage Welsh tapestry blanket, blue, pink & green.

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Double bed size. Vintage Welsh Derw Mill (Carmarthenshire) tapestry blanket in pale blue, pink and green. Mid century, 1950s to 70s.

Overall this is a nice blanket however it has a few small stains which we have failed to eradicate. They initially looked like coffee or food stains (very hard to shift, possibly curry?) . We have managed to knock them back to a very pale tan colour but they won't disappear completely  There is a small darn on the less patterned side. See photos for details. 

hat said it is a very attractive blanket in otherwise great condition with good fringes. Acquired locally in Carmarthenshire (which is where the mill was based) from the son of the original owner.

This blanket has been laundered by hand by us. We are offering it at a lower than usual price but would reassure you that the staining detracts very little from the blanket overall and would only really be noticed if you pointed it out.

This would make great throw for a settee or chair. We particularly like the Boho setting of our photographs and think this would fit nicely into a Boho style interior as well as a more traditional interior. 

The price includes UK postage and packing  

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