Traditional 3 legged wooden milking stool. Price includes UK postage and packing.

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Made from local wood by David Robinson on his organic dairy farm in Carmarthenshire these 3 legged oak and ash milking stools do not require you to own a cow (or a goat). Just the right shape for putting next to your favourite seat so you can rest your wine glass in easy reach.

They remind us of a cromlech so.....its not a milking stool, its a Carmarthenshire Cromlech wine table! However you decide to use it we are sure you will love it.

Please note these items are individually made in small batches. Every milking stool is different  Dimensions and colour vary according to the piece of wood the stool was made from. They are generally around 33cm tall x 21cm wide approx. Where pairs are ordered we will try and match them as closely as possible.

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