Aaron Petersen blacksmith

Rush light holder - hand forged.

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Rush lights are an early form of primitive lighting. Stripped reeds from riverbanks were soaked in fat and lit. They were usually held in a rush light  holder - a pincer like 'jaw' which held the reed firm and enabled it to be angles for more or less light. Rush light holders also often had a candle holder to house the less frequently used (and heavily taxed) candle. 

These rush light holders are replicas of 18th century ones. Ceredigion County have an excellent explanation and photos of a rushlight being used


Our rush lights are approx 23 cm tall and come with a choice of metal feet or a turned and aged oak base. (Note; the oak bases have been deliberately stained and aged - they may have small splits or imperfections, this is part of the charm and authenticity of the product).

Candles not included.

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