Antique Welsh narrow loom herringbone blanket - madder and charcoal

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Antique (early 1900s) Welsh blanket with fringing to two sides. Narrow loom blankets are highly collectable. This herringbone weave is created when threads are twisted together to create a speckled effect. The main colours are madder and charcoal which together produce a mix of pinky purples and grey .The two narrow panels are hand sewn together, the warp edges are machine stitched. The dyes may be vegetable dyes.

There is one small hole around half to one centimetre where the blanket appears to have caught on something such as a door edge. This could be very easily darned. Otherwise, it is in quite amazing condition for a blanket that is over 100 years old . There is no moth damage. It is clean and the fringing is in excellent condition.

We do not know exactly where this blanket was made, but we purchased it in West Wales from the grandson of the original owner.

Quite a special piece of Welsh history.

It measures 217 cm (including fringe) x 224 cm

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