Vintage Welsh wool honeycomb blanket - pink, lemon and green

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Made from 100% Welsh wool, this honeycomb, or waffle, blanket would have been made sometime in the 1940s or 50s. The springy honeycomb weave is designed to be particularly insulating. Honeycomb blankets are very warm. This one comes in shades of mainly green, pink, and a small amount of lemon.

Note there is no filter on the outdoor picture. It was taken in daylight in beautiful Laugharne in West Wales and the clouds genuinely did look like that! The video was taken under artificial light indoors.

Overall, the blanket is in good condition for its age, they are a few pulls and loose threads. These are pretty much inevitable on vintage honeycomb blankets unless they are completely as new. I usually tie them off or just pull them out. I would say this was a single bed size. Lovely and cosy, and a great for adding a bit of accent colour to a room.

163cm including fringe x 176cm

The price includes UK P &P only.

The blanket is clean and has no moth damage. Do not put it in a washing machine, We recommend regular airing outdoors.


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