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The Found & Seek blog.

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The Found & Seek blog.

So, here we are, finally online! It's been a bit of a learning curve. If you want to know the story behind Found & Seek, visit the 'about us' section. The blogging will be shared between us, us being Trudi, Aaron and Pearl. 

When I say we have a shop people usually ask 'what sort of shop?' When we started up we didn't have a big plan, we just wanted a little shop where we could sell our own hand forged ironwork, candles and artwork and maybe some of other peoples work. We have been incredibly lucky to be stocked by a number of established crafts people whose work we admire - skilled artisans with great track records and beautiful products. We can only sell work we are enthused about ourselves. We would happily furnish our own home with all of our stockists' work. We have always appreciated good design and classic pieces and have had a love of retro and vintage for years. It made sense to have a vintage section. I have been involved in spoken word poetry for sometime and wanted to be able to stock work by writers I knew and admired, especially ones that were local to us. So we have ended up with a shop that is a little bit art and craft, a little bit retro and vintage, a little bit has basically turned into an extension of our own home. Opening up online throws our doors an extension on the extension.We hope you will visit and like us.

The blog is an essential part of the online shop. So, what will we be blogging about? Well, the shop and our products obviously but also anything that catches our eye that feels like it fits with us, things we are interested in...that could be anything, a random list just off the top of my head.....mid century modern, brutalist architecture,  Frida Kahlo, good shoes, Leonard Cohen, lurchers, ancient British customs, the writings of Dylan Thomas, Genealogy, neuroscience, vegetarian cookery, the sociology of Bourdieu, punk, ....eclectic, yes but that's just how my brain works. Interesting? possibly, who knows.


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