Welsh Folk Music Awards

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Aaron was commissioned to make the inaugural Welsh Folk Music Awards in 2019. You can read more here The 2019 Wales Folk Awards – Trac Cymru  Aaron has played folk music since his teens.His parents were in a folk group called Ali Grogan, and his dad, Dave, organised the Welsh contingent of the L'Orient folk festival in Brittany for many years. Coincidentally, Trudi recalls hand silk screening band t.shirts as part of her first job, before she'd even met Aaron.

Ali Grogan LP

The pandemic was especially hard for musicians, as the live music scene was closed down, so its fantastic to see it back. The Welsh Folk Music Awards return to the Millennium Centre in Cardiff on April 20th and once again Aaron is making the awards.

Each winner is presented with a hand forged rushlight holder on a turned wood base which is supplied by Rob Hopkins. Based on a traditional Welsh rushlight from the1800s. You can purchase one from us here Rush light holder - hand forged. – Found&Seek (foundandseek.co.uk)

Aaron was particularly delighted to discover that the rushlight is now incorporated in the Trac Cymru awards logo.

Welsh Folk Awards

Here's a photo of the rushlights, fresh from the forge. They're heading for Cardiff to have metal labels attached. We look forward to finding out who the winners are on April 20th.

Rushlights by Aaron Petersen.















Aaron has recently started playing folk again at Sessiwn Werin @cwrwbar in Carmarthen. He enjoys it, but doesn't think he's likely to win any awards himself.




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